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Main doors is not a company about just doors or a company which involves itself in timber wood or glasses only. We understand the technology, new industry trend and safety standard needed from small project to big multinational projects. Our work starts with designing and finish with installation of doors on site to a specific measures, at specific requirements at specific Australian standards to follow.

We got qualified Civil Engineer Technician with industry knowledge working closely with our overseas manufacturers, with our carpenters and trades people to make sure we can implement and manage any project with perfection. Door industry has gone through phenomenal changes in last 10 years with Fire Safety and other health issues at forefront of the industry, its no more just a industry of Carpenters or handyman. Today we need qualified engineers, qualified draftsman, qualified designers to able to carry out project as per the Council and Australian standards to make sure business can survive. For any project to be profitable, we need to make sure our engineers, our designers, our finance team and our trades partners sit together to understand detailed requirement as well as material requirement to able to draft proper budget.

Main doors was founded in April 2013 with the idea of creating far more than just a company involved in mechanical doors or traditional doors. We are proud to be one of the best company in the market for fire doors, implementation of doors for various projects with help of industry famous CNC TWINCAM32 machine. We got our technician in house for our CNC machine which reduces time delay for any project and comes handy in case of any break downs.

We are importers of every kind of door. We are proud importers of exclusive Italian quality of doors in Australia market from more than 30 countries with over 40 years of experience with in our team.

Our goal is not to meet our costumer’s needs but their wishes, wishes that become dreams.

Owning a house is a dream and “dressing” it is part of it. So let us be part of your dream. Main doors is company, which is using latest technologies to bring the best in the industry for doors design, safety and implementation.